How this HR Manager moved from $65k to $100k+ in 8 months

How this HR Manager moved from $65k to $100k in 8 months

At #MyCadStory, we share stories of newcomers in Canada. From careers, home purchases, businesses to family, life and lots more. In today’s episode of #MyCadStory, this HR Manager shares her experience on how she moved from a salary job of 60k Canadian Dollars per year to over $100k within 8 months of landing in Canada.

  • Bio: 29, Female*
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Occupation: HR Manager
  • Years in Canada: 2 years

What were your initial expectations of job hunting in Canada?

Hmm, before receiving my confirmation of permanent residency, my friends told me to keep an open mind with my job search here in Canada because of my field- Human Resources(HR).

Why did they say this?

According to them, most newcomers they had seen with a background in HR always end up working as PSWs (Personal Support Workers). These are people who work in private homes or healthcare facilities to help provide patients with care and comfort. For me, I wasn’t planning to shift my career to that, I preferred the HR operations that I had always done.

So, how were the first few months of your job search?

It was super intensive. Sending out an average of 15-20 applications per day can be very stressful. Those roles that I applied for were found on many online job boards. I must confess, searching for a job in Canada is a full-time job in itself.

Yes, true! How many interview invitations did you receive?

For the first month that I was sending out lots of applications in a day, I got zero interviews. It was very disappointing I must confess. But by the second month, I started getting at least two interviews invitations every week.

That’s great! So, how did you land your first HR role?

By the 6th or 7th week of applying, I finally got a role as an HR specialist. It was two steps lower than the level I was back in my home country. They offered to pay me $60,000 per annum. I renegotiated and they increased it to $65,000. It was a big deal to me! I would have loved to start with $70,000, but I was grateful that I would at least get a chance to learn about the HR field in Canada. Then something weird happened.

Please tell

Three months after I resumed this role, I started getting interviews from the other application that I made like crazy. 

Oh wow!

Yes. I reluctantly attended two of such interviews after so much push from my husband. One of them made an offer of $75,000 to me. 


But I chose not to take it.

Do you mind sharing why?

Hmm. I was already settled in nicely in this new role and I saw that there was a lot to learn. So, I declined the role and explained my reasons to the hiring manager. They told me to get back to them if I change my mind in the future. Lol

Wow, I can Imagine. 

Then, last month, they reached out to me again. This is after I had spent 7 months with that company I was. The hiring manager told me about a senior role that they had open and asked if I was interested in interviewing for it.


I didn’t say “no”. Lol. I aced the two interview sessions and was offered $95,000. I renegotiated and they came back with $103,000. 

Congratulations! Did your existing company try to match the offer?

Naa, the gap was too wide. Plus it was a small company and they didn’t have that type of budget to match the offer. 

How this HR Manager moved from $65k to $100k in 8 months
Aside from the pay, what else did you consider before accepting this offer?

For me, it was important that had got 21 days of paid vacation, the company must also have a group RRSP(In Canada, companies that have this usually match to a certain percentage, what an employee contributes to their retirement savings pension plan). I also considered the opportunity for growth in the company, because I hate to be stagnant.

How satisfied are you with your career growth in Canada?

Honestly, I am pleased and thankful. My plan was to get to this managerial level within two years of being in Canada. I’m grateful it came earlier than planned.

*Identity and story edited to keep the sharer anonymous

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